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By : Linda Rahmawati.

TRATEGIC ASSESSMENT-Based on our national constitution and founding fathers legacy, we were agreed the mechanism of arrangement our national economic must be prioritized to small and medium enterprises. And do not forget, since the era of new order regime, every on July 12 each year, we have always been celebrating the day of coperation. But, nowadays, we are still having a big question is what is the role of coperation in the freely competition era right now?

The activities of coperation or small and medium enterprises aren’t be focused by the media. It looks like coperation does not has a significant role and it does fail to absorb or to take a lot of unemployment in Indonesia, so its a realistic if people are judge that the government has failed to empowerment coperation or small and medium enterprises.

If the goverment do not fail to empowering coperation, we can see a lot of one will be able to compete during freely economic competition.

It is a hard duty for the government to upgrade small and medium enterprises or coperation’s human resources including to fullfil and to modernize coperation’s tools and strategies.

Truthfullness, the government under the Ministry of Coperation and Small and Medium Enterprises must empower and give coperation and small and medium enterprises a lot of project under an infrastructure development program. If its can realize, the people won’t underestimate to coperation or small and medium enterprises.

The government must understand and remember that whatever any intention or any attempts which do not empower coperation is a violation against our national constitution. Last but not least, the government can be impeached, if the future of coperation or small and medium enterprises are not prospective. Happy birthday our national day of coperation.

The writer is an informal economic activities observer.