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The terrorist incidence in Kampung Melayu has likely become the serious attention of President Jokowi. President Jokowi was looked likely unhappy to realize that apparently the terrorist incidence in Kampung Melayu  was not undetected before so the respective terrorist incidence  could not  be avoided.

Based on the analyses all terrorist activities in Indonesia now are likely supporting ISIS accordingly the grow of terrorist group in Indonesia are seriously potential threat to the Indonesian sovereignty which is based on Pancasila Ideology. Accordingly the development of terrorist organization should urgently stopped. The safety of the people life is definitely also another national main interest in the important necessity to end the terrorist activities.

President Jokowi was also looked likely doubtful  that all the Government organization to fight the terrorism to have work conceptually,  integrated, and vigorously. In relation to all this evaluation, President Joowi agreed that the Law on Eradicating Terrorism is urgently to be perfected  in term of the philosophy, operational doctrine and the necessity to mobilize the national power urgently but wisely, accurately and pertinently.

In the frame work of this strategic thinking it is also thought the reformed function of TNI should be also revised and  to be strength enough to conduct war to defense  and to protect the country against all the actual enemy and also the terrorist threat.

President Jokowi attention and concern to the actual threat of the terrorist were detected from the extra ordinary meeting on security concerning the coming of the Holy Idul Fitri Day and the eminent terrorist threat of the country of Indonesia that was held soon after the terrorist incidence happened in Kampubg Melayu less one week before.

Concerning the eminent of the terrorist threat President Jokowi agreed and instructed the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs to thoroughly urge  the House of Representative to fasten the complete amendment  of Law No 13 of 2003 on the Eradication of Terrorism done by the House of Representatives now urgently. President Jokowi is strongly of the opinion the involvement of TNI in the national agenda to eradicate the terrorist threat is certainly important to be done. On TNI function, President Jokowio also clearly said that it is requested the reformed function of TNI as stated in Law No 34 of 2004  to be objectively  revised that TNI is the eminent credible strength and ideology to eliminate the terrorism.

Definitely President Jokowi wishes on TNI was firmly mentioned in the present amendment and agenda to Revise Law No 13 of 2003 on Terrorism that TNI should be agreed to have also the permanent mission  to eradicate the terrorism aside of the Police. The mission of TNI  to eradicate the terrorism is not the  temporary and incidental mission of TNI but it is te permanent mission of TNI.

In line of the wishes of President Jokowi it was also instructed that The Coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Security Affairs  to be also expected to have clarified the reason of the eminent changing of TNI function so that the members of the House concerned could likely  understand and the dispute concerning the changing of TNI position in the agenda to eliminate the terrorist actions smoothly. In this Legal Processing Problem, Observer had once suggested the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs in supporting the Bill of the Amendment   of Law No   13  of 2003  to submit to The House of Representative the Academic Papers clarifying the reasons concerns to the amendment of Law No13 of 2003.

The essence of the Academic Papers is to clarify that : Terrorism has been developing surprisingly. The Terrorist Movement is supporting ISIS which is having extreme and radical character; Terrorism has likely endangered the Indonesian sovereignty; Terrorism should be fought continuously in term of their ideologyand power

Beside the Police, TNI is needed to execute this mission permanently

There will two professional, experienced and credible powers, namely  TNI and The Police under the coordination of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs in eradicating the terrorist threat, TNI and the Police will become the trusted power to eradicate the Terrorism supported by all national power.

The government movement to prevent the development of terrorism will   insist  BNPT  to design and to formulate the Agenda, the Program and the Preventive Action to counter the terrorist development.



The dispute of the idea of The President Jokowi and the House of Representatives because he Chairman of Commission III concerning Law  of the House of Representatives was opposing the idea of President Jokowi based on consideration :

TNI character has been reformed as stipulated in Law No34 0f 2004 with the main mission to Conduct  War in the frame work of to defend and to protect the Country from any actual enemy.

TNI is  only allowed to be exploited in 14 non-war mission aside of war, such as countering the impact of the national disasters, to support the security of transportation, communication and supporting Social agenda concerning health, education and people housing or street construction.

The Reformation Era is the Era of Democratic and Civilian Life respecting the Civilian Legal and Administration. All State activity aside of war should be done based on Civilian Legal available system.

However various Observers tend to consider the assignment of TNI in the Eradication of Terrorism Operation permanently also will politically submit  the good impact and benefit to the Police who has been started to be face various hoax which is considered as the cruel Government means to suppress the society and actively support the Ruling Political Party to criminalize the political Oppositions.

The involvement of TNI to eradicate Terrorism does not necessarily means as the effort to give chance to TNI for the emerge of militarism and  authoritarianism. The Democratic system strongly implemented Indonesia has been the firm Watcher on whatever  done by TNI. The existing of so many NGO to watch whatever is going on in this country cold not be definitely  neglected.

The attitude of the Chairman of Commission III on Law ofte House of Representative is certainlyappreciated but it is also hoped he is also dynamic enough to realize the changing of the situation and also realizing historically TNI is the only power trusted to safe the country.

*) Former BAKIN chief and now as political and security observer.