Habib Rizieq Who “Love” the Homeland

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Habib Rizieq Who “Love” the Homeland

“Do not be Afraid to Fall, for who never climbs that never falls. Do not be afraid to fail, because that never fails is the people who never stepped. Do not fear wrong, because with the first mistake we can increase knowledge to find the right path in the second step “… Buya Hamka

Buya Hamka pearl words are very intriguing to our hearts, that any mistake of course can be straightened again and humans are weak creatures who often do erroneous / erroneous so that science increases. In the last few weeks, the social media community has been overwhelmed by the spread of screenshots via WhatsApp pornographic content that allegedly involves the head of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab and Firza Husein. In the conversation it was present a photo of a naked woman who allegedly Firza. Rizieq allegedly become the opposite to talk Firza in the conversation. On the basis of increasingly widespread public health, encouraging law enforcement agencies to investigate and ask Habib Rizieq to be a witness in such a horrendous case. However, the question is why Rizieq has not returned to Indonesia to clarify the case legally, but the emergence of the surface is the movement of the Defender Front of Islam (FPI) Movement forwarded to solve the case?

The case of Habib Rizieq is just as powerful as Ariel Peterpan (Noah’s vocalist) who video mesumnya with Luna Maya and Cut Tari, although Ariel Peterpan insisted not his side to spread the video but the court decision still sentenced Ariel Peterpan but how With Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Field fact noted FPI support at that time, exactly June 28, 2010 mass from the Islamic Defenders Front held a rally to the Headquarters. The action was led by FPI Secretary Jakarta, Habib Novel, believing that nasty videos played by the three artists (Nazriel Irham or Ariel, Luna, and Cut Tari.), Indeed they are the perpetrators. Why only Ariel is the suspect. Ariel want to adultery itself ?, We call for Luna Maya and Cut Tari arrested then made a suspect, “said Habib Novel at Police Headquarters.This phenomenon, indicating that the FPI and its figures are very interested in the world of pornography for him magnetism power mengvestrasi movement CSO In order to be very concerned about defending the aggrieved parties.
Of course, the legal apparatus and the judiciary have also looked at and have consideration on the basis of a strong law related chat case titled “love” that contains pornographic content. The police have also demonstrated its neutrality by setting Firza Husein as a suspect in the case of spreading the “love” content. But the question is why Habib Rizieq is not ready to go to the police to clarify the case. While he is still abroad, this is what prompted the Police to issue a third letter to forcibly call Rizieq. Supposedly the words pearls conveyed by Buya Hamka can be an inspiration Habib Rizieq affirms his integrity as a role model.
In the memory of society, so far, we have very well memorized FPI maneuver and chairman generally if faced with various cases that wrangle in order to be able to escape from the bondage law. The strategy they generally do is seeking political support, Rizieq will ask for help to Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah in the House. If still checked, Rizieq will bring the FPI mass to pressure the police. In the examination, Rizieq will usually shine his tongue and always take shelter behind religious dogma. After review, Rizieq will make a statement that blames the police. These precise moves have been the tactics and strategy of FPI. Actually looking at the existence of FPI mass organizations that lead by Habib Rizieq post New Order or precisely they emerged in the era of reform or in the condition of civilized society, but so far quite a lot of misinterpreted by pressure group or civil society is organized more and more number in Indonesia.

The Civil Society does not mean a society that mimics the political model of the Middle East but is a civilized society that has a consciously legal, orderly, and criticized and pressurized nature to the ruler (government) in democratic ways (not anarchist) even though they are given funds for activities Organized by the government but their attitude remained critical and made corrections to government policy. The actors involved recognize the principles of state authority and the rule of law (Larry Diamond: Toward Democratic Consolidation, 1994). In the general process civilized society occurs in countries that transition to previous political systems of authoritarian to become democratic, as in some Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland).

Back again, the case of “Love” Chat Habib Rizieq, as the great leader of FPI who always criticizes government policies and violations in certain legal sectors, FPI has been a breakthrough locomotive by destructive means of various barriers which he deems incompatible with the objective Authoritative and normative. Even the parties outside of them can also entrust the package of interests to accumulate into the authoritative and normative objectives. The existence of a distortion of Madani theory of theorists as aspired by reformers in 1998 that authoritative political transition should be democratic to develop from the stage of participative, autonomous, non-value-free nature that forms a non-dominative structural system (pluralism).

There is no intention Rizieq to return to Indonesia will certainly have an impact on improving political tension in the country by maneuvering FPI Ormas in Indonesia which would certainly make pressure to law enforcement agencies to revoke the summoning letter. In fact, this issue will unfurl and undermine the integrity of FPI’s great leaders by increasing the chirping of the flowers in the social media pro and contra of the case.

The need for the wisdom of Habib Rizieq to quickly return to Indonesia to clarify the case became bright, before the issue caused widespread chaos and pervasiveness. Even clashed in the field between FPI and police organizations. Actually what lies behind Habib Rizieq who has not dared to return to Indonesia ?, would he feared his fate just like Ariel Peterpan who remains punished even though it is not the party that spread porn videos? Or Arial Peterpan and Peterpan clubs who were supposed to pick up the Habib, the people are currently waiting for the integrity of Habib leaders 1 million people who have taken political pressure to the government in the field of Monas, Jakarta.

*) The author is a graduate student and the Community of Comparative Political Studies