The Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is Difficult to be Understood



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It  has been almost one month  to be discussed and  debated in the political life of the Country of Indonesia, the decision on the problem of Hizbut Thahrir of Indonesia to have been still likely unclear. Definitely people are waiting for what is at last the Government decision which has stated going to cancel the status of the foundation of Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia.

The record on the problem and  the  development of Hizbut Tharir could be retrieved completely in the social media publication. Based on the respective social media record this article  is intended to review the problem of  the foundation of Hizbut Tharir in Indonesia and the final suggestion on the matter raised  by the Independent Observer to the Government.

The formal attribute of Hizbut Tharir of  Indonesia is also used to be abbreviated as HTI. This foreign influenced Religion Organization   had been seriously detected by the Government of Indonesia  since   the period before the President Jokowi  administration more than ten years ago during the administration of President SBY.  HTI was started to be identified as an active religious political activities among the religious society. Most of the political action to have  been  done  by  HTI  was  criticizing  the various government policy and calling various people demand and protesting and complaining about various bad conditions.

Apparently according to the media record  HTI was detected to be presence in Indonesia  since the beginning of   1983 before the Reform Era. Definitely the essence of HTI political activities were the expression on the  political dissatisfy among those religious political activist to the condition of the life of  the Indonesian people included the religious society as the biggest part of the Indonesian population that were still far from prosperity and happiness.

Those religious political activists being the arising new generation of Indonesia  were likely  trying to analyzed the situation and conclude that it will be better if the Indonesian nation looked back to the history of the religious society  mainly the history of the successful Islamic society in Middle East after Prophet Mohammad passed away to develop their life prosperously  and happily social condition for the society as the result of the implementation of what those religious and political activist described it as the Caliphate or  Kilafah Ideological and Political System.

Those religious political activist came to the conclusion the present Ideological and Political System adopted by the Country and the State of the Indonesian Nation is not perfect and the Indonesian Nation should  change with the Kilafah Ideological Political Concept.

Recently President Jokowi was looked like as not proud when after more than 70 years as Independent Country it is apparently  the Country of Indonesia still poor and lack of capability to develop this country and unluckily Indonesia is still left behind by the country such as Malaysia which was clearly poorer and weaker country than Indonesia when both countries as new independent countries started to build their respective countries.

President described when both countries were starting to be the Independent Countries and nation starting their respective national development which in fact Indonesia was more stronger  in term of national resources and the capital to develop this Country.

President Jokowi did not give his analyzes on what is the reason why the  poor and backward condition is still facing by the country of Indonesia mainly in the field of science and technology.  However President also realized the various unnecessary  situation which had happened in this country should be reminded by all the Indonesian generation  as likely constituting the reasons of the slow movement of the Indonesian national development as many times to be complained by President Jokowi. This remark and complain clearly to be detected when he was giving his remark on the started national agenda for the sience and technology cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia.

 President Jokowi likely is on the position to conclude Indonesia has been too much disturbed by the unnecessary conflict as happened lately about the blasphemy and its impact now that is becoming more crucial conflict and the neglected presence of the organization called Hizbut Thahrir which has the political objective to develop and to establish the so called Kilafah Ideological and Political System which is described  as the better ideological and political concept to be implemented in the national development as the mean to perform the more prosperous and happiness to the people of the country of Indonesia.

President Jokowi likely is of the evaluation and concludes  that  the people of Indonesia is too much conflicting on the important of basic principle of the independent nation in implementing the national development such as the ideological and political  concept on the national development, on Law on General Election and other strategic infra structure of the national development even the technical problem such as the technical conflict in the highly important institution, the Regional Representative Council (DPD) on the technical problem concerning the term of the working time of the Speaker of DPD. However all of us are realizing our country is big, large in term of boat the territory and her population.

On the impact of blasphemy the decision of the Court Trial on the punishment granted to Ahok is still hanging and un-expectedly  the founding of neglecting problem of the foundation of the organization of Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia  (HTI) in 1983 and recorded officially by he Notary in 2014 and the more crucial and critical problem is the so called Caliph Ideological and Political Concept which is definitely potential to become the crucial handicap and disturbance to the national agenda to strengthen the adoption of Four Pillars of the  Country of Indonesia mainly Pancadila ideology as the prime essential principles of the life of the Country of Indonesia as formulated and agreed commonly as the basic principle life of the Indonesian people by the Consultative People’s Assembly (MPR) of thger Republic of Indonesia. Accordingly four pillars of the Country of Indonesia may not be challenged and bargained.

The analysis on the caliph has been made by various by the reseachera it is recognized  that there is no fact that Caliph Ideological and Political Concept to be recorded as against Pancasila Philosophy. However it is also very clear that Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is not easily understood concept and there is not any example that Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is strengthening the implementation of Pancasila Philosophy as one of four pillars of the Country of Indonesia.

Definitely Caliph Ideological and Political Concept are doubtfully could be adopted together. Beside of that  it is really impossible the country of Indonesia should adopt two kinds of different ideological and political Concept of life together. Accordingly  the Government of Indonesia considered the official steps to solve  the problem of Caliph and the foundation of HTI which is supporting Caliph Ideological and Political Concept should be accomplished  urgently but wisely because Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is connected to the interpretation of the prime religion adopted by the majority people in South East Asia and Middle East.

Various idea and attitude of various independent political activist, legal and social experts, former TNI leaders, intellectual and educated generation and personal Observers have been raised and suggested to the Government various commernt and ideas which one of the considered wise step to be suggested to the government  are :

First, the Government of Indonesia  should officially and highly respect the Religion concerns though the Government is realizing that Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is still the firmly crucial complicated idea, there is not any clear description and no clarification has been made about what and how is the clear description about Caliph and felt tend to be a wishful thinking. Even the founder of Hizbut Tharir unluckily could not describe clearly what and how is Caliph as the essence of Religious Teaching to be absorbed and formulated as clear wisdom and practical leadership, accordingly  the idea to develop Caliph could definitely create the confusing situation and conflicting idea among the Indonesian Citizen mainly the various Religious Society in Indonesia.

By with such situation the national agenda to develop and to implement the four pillars of the Country of Indonesia mainly to increase the adoption and the implementation of Pancasila philosophy in the life of the Indonesian Citizens could be disturbed. Accordingly the Government which has the mission to firmly protect the Government Sovereignty to implement her own agreed principles inn running the country of Indonesia has definitely the authority to decide stopping all of the effort to develop and to implement the Caliph Ideological and Political concept in the country of Indonesia.

Second,  in line to this Constitutional step the Government  should cancel the Notary Document on the foundation of HTI in 2014 that likely had been miss interpreted by HTI as if HTI is regional political mass organization that is able to join to all the political movement in Indonesia.

For this objective the legal system of the Countrty of Indonesia is definitely fully available to support the implementation of the idea, various legal experts said the publishing   of the  Legal product called the Government Regulation applied as Law  is considered as the pertinent step to be possible utilizing the idea to stop the effort to develop and to implement Caliph Ideological and Political Concept in Indonesia..

Hopefully  the problem of HTI will be solved urgently but peacefully, legally,  humanly  and democratically utilizing  The Government Regulation applied as Law to forbid the Ideological and Political Concept of Caliph to  be developed in Indonesia. Based on this Government Regulation  that is applied as Law the development of Caliph Ideological and Political Concept as Transnational Ideological and Political Concept is strongly forbidden and accordingly the foundation of HTI as political organization which  is going to develop Caliph Ideological and Political Concept should be cancelled. HTI as social and Religion Organization which is only active in the field of the Religious Teaching (dakwah) could be likely permanently existing.

It is definitely the problem of caliph Ideological and Political Concept is the strategic problem faced by the Government of Indonesia which is responsible to the security implementation of the four pillars of the country of Indonesia mainly the security existence and the implementation the national philosophy of Pancasila.

The Foundation and the political activity of HTI is only technical and tactical and operational problem faced by the government. YusriI Ihzxa Mahendra and the other thousand of lawyers are believed would not become the traitor against the four pillars of the Country of Indonesia mainly the Pancasila national philosophy.

Accordingly the decision of President on  behalf of the Country and the State of  The Republic of Indonesia  could repeat and to  raise the national Order that beside the  Marxism, Leninism, Communism and other a-theism philosophy  also Caliph Ideological and Political Concept is strictly forbidden to be develop and implemented in the Country and State of The Republic of Indonesia. And as the consequence of the above national Order the foundation of HTI as political organization which is going to develop and to establish the religious state of Indonesia is strictly forbidden.

President Jokowi as the Highest Authority of the country and the State of the Republic of Indonesia could publish The Government Regulation applied as Law concerning the Caliph Ideological and Political Concept and the foundation of HTI.

*)  Political and Security Observer.