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The political influence of HTI problem is actually because of the general  attitude  that the Indonesian nation respecting the Religion. People tend do not realize that HTI has independently interpreted the Religion to create the Ideological and Political Concept of the Kilafah.  Definitely because of respecting highly the Religion  people tend to be also respecting much to HTI even  making HTI so popular among the Indonesian religious society and the religion leaders. Accordingly Government should actually suggesting those various Religion Organization in Indonesia to realize who and what is really HTI and its objective.

However luckily the official political position of most of the Islamic Organization as the Mass Organization in Indonesia agreed that the foundation of HTI should not be allowed. Minister for Religion  is of the Opinion  that as an Religion Organization which is active in Religious Teaching  as far as  HTI is not the Political Organization and HTI is not  against the Pancasila Philosophy the existence of HTI as social and mass organization which is active in religious teaching   could be likely allowed.  Definitely a group of former TNI  leaders who are mostly the strategic thinkers now have strongly supported the Government intention that HTI as political organization is not allowed to be founded in Indonesia.

Unfortunately  various intellectual and educated new generation are of the opinion that the Government intention  to forbid the foundation  of HTI in Indonesia should be based on the decision of  trial managed by the legally objective and  professional.  Various Observers are of the opinion  the case of HTI should be  solved peacefully, orderly and mutually respect in line with the character of Pancasila ideology adopted by the Indonesian.

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The tense and hostile situation between The Government of Indonesia and HTI should be avoided wisely  considering  the solution of HTI  is just rectifying the legal status of the presence HTI as the element of foreign organization and could be  processed as regular and normal procedure of making Stay Permit Document as normally done by almost all the Countries  in the World so the problem of the approval on the foundation of HTI in Indonesia should be considered as normal process of working of the  security management system.

General Wiranto  looked  likely is of the opinion The Government of Indonesia  should forbid the foundation of HTI in Indonesia wisely, peacefully, correctly, accurately and pertinently though Indonesia is powerful Country who has the authority, to protect the National Sovereignty and Integrity applying firm decision  exploiting all the national power and strength. General Wiranto as Military General realized that to cope with the rebellion of that so powerful Communist Party  of Indonesia  was successfully accomplished. He believed the naughty attitude of HTI leaders  who reject the Government Policy on  HTI presence will be also accomplished successfully.

General Wiranto is not in hurry to decide the cancellation of the Stay Permit Document owned by HTI and firmly he said everybody should be patient because the  accurate preparation to cancel the Stay Permit Document owned by HTI now  is already on track.   The date of the Cancellation of the Stay Permit Document owned by HTI   is just a matter of  looking for  the convenient moment to announced it. It is hoped General Wiranto to realize the first important step is to inform the People of Indonesia that the so called  Kilafah Ideological and Poitical Concept is forbidden Ideological and Political Concep.

The cancellation of the Stay Permit of HTI  is of course  crucial and the reckless treatment  could bring this mass organization as  the seed of disintegration and security disturbance. It is certainly a fact that  HTI is of course a  respected organization but it  is not considered as a suitable organization in the country of Indonesia which is firmly adopting the Four Pillar of The Principles Foundation of the Unitary State of The Republic of Indonesia mainly the Pancasila Philosophy.

Clearly General Wiranton is in the  position of crucial situation, However the problem of HTI could be likely  summarized as bellow:

First, HTI is the foreign element organization which needs a Stay Permit Document published  by the Government of Indonesia.

Second The Ideological and Political called  Kilafah Concept which is adopted  by  HTI though it is based on Religion   but this ideological and political concept is in serious contradictory to Pancasila Philosophy and accordingly to be forbidden to be develop in Indonesia. HTI is not Religion Organization but Illegal Political Organization. HTI is not suitable to be existing  among the Indonesian society.

Acordingly  though there are strong opposition of among various individual politician, expert and social leader,  it is also likely possible if General Wiranto takes  another option to cancel the foundation of HTI in Indonesia. General Wiranto could be suggesting the Government to publish The Government Regulation which is applied as Law (PEPERPU) deciding that the Ideological and  Political Concept of  Kilafah is forbidden  to be developed in Indonesia. Based on this Government Regulation  the foundation of HTI as political organization which is going to develop KIlafah concept is not allowed.

As the review of this analysis the problem of the foundation of the organization of HTI  is the problem of the effort to develop the Ideological and Political Consept based on Religious articles called  Kilafah. Accordingly the solution of the problem of the foundation of  HTI  as the foreign element   organization in Indonesia should be likely begun with constitutionally step of the Government to publish The Government Regulation applied as Law (PERPU) deciding that beside Marxism, Leninism, Communism and other Atheis Philosophy also  the Ideological and  Political Concept of Kilafah is forbidden ideological and political concept to be developed in Indonesia. The further step is based on the Government Regulation that is applied as Law that is just published the foundation of HTI as political Organization which is going to develop Kilafah policalConcep in Indonesia is definitely forbidden.

As additional note the foundation of HTI as social and religion Organization could be likely agreed in Indonesia but only active in social and religious teaching. HTI as political organization is not allowed to be founded in Indonesia because  HTI is going to develop the Ideological and political concept of Kilafah as transnational political concept to run a group of countries  might be in South East ASia. Definitely Kilafah is totally contradictory to the Four Pillars of the Country of Indonesia accordingly it is strictly  forbidden.

*) Observer at LSISI Jakarta.