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On May 24, 2017, Wednesday evening a group of terrorists had launched its action dramatically in term of the victims, beside two  suicide bombers also three Police members died, five Police members and five civilian members of the society were severely wounded. Definitely all of those wounded persons need seriously medical treatment in the Hospital.

This terrorist activity was done by two suicide bombers happened at a point close to a busy bus terminal located on a delicate position of Jakarta-Bogor main road, in the area called Kampung Melayu.   Because of this popular location, this terrorist incidence was rapidly spread out. This terrorist incidence was considered as a small scale terrorist attack, because the two bombs exploded on the incidence were considered relatively low explosion though the number of the victims are spectacular and affecting small damage to the terminal.

The Police  is concluding the explosion was caused by two suicide bombing done by two suicide bombers by the name of   Solihin and Ichwan Nurul Salam. Solihin is the member of Darul Anshor Boarding School  in Poso.  Ichwan who is still  34 tears, lived in Bandung, West Jawa . Based on BIN information Solihin may  be also called Achmad Sukri.

Police Analysist  tend to conclude this terrorist attack  was organized by a group of terrorist which is leaning to ISIS. Accordingly it is  analyzed  that this bombing is a part of ISIS strategy to demonstrate its existence, though now ISIS in Middle East is in serious damage.

Meanwhile according to BIN, the group of terrorist which was organizing the bombing in Kampung Melayu is Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) of Bandung which is leaning to ISIS. Similarly BIN also predicted the terrorist incidence in Kampung Melayu is a part of ISIS strategy to strengthen its setback situation in Middle East. Chief on BIN in his written statement on Sunday May 28, 2017 also stated Kampung Melayu terrorist incidence is the strong indication terrorist is the eminent  threat of this country.

However various Observers tend to analyze this terrorist activity is a tactical movement with the Police Post as the explosion target. This analysis is based on the fact on the victims to be a number of Police members being  killed  and of course this is a dramatic incidence  considering all those victims are young Generation in the Police Organization. This terrorist action is organized by the radical and  extreme  adventurer group  which is active in this area.

Though this terrorist activity was claimed by a certain group as a part of ISIS’s strategic operation but no confirmed indication was detected, Vice President JK said that such kind of claim is usual hoax after any terrorist activity happened in Jakarta. President Jokowi  and Vice President JK visited the place of bombing and were strongly indicating both national leaders to be seriously concerned to this bombing.

President Jokowi was expressing his deep angry  attitude  about  the  explosion. President Jokowi stated that the terrorist activity which put the common civilian as their target   was  the  real  crazy action of the terrorist. This statement is likely forgetting that all terrorist activity in many countries were always directed to disturb the  public event such what happened in Manchester recently.

President Jokowi is looked likely unhappy and was in the position to raise the firm question to all of his assistances who are responsible on the terrorism eradication mission: was not this terrorist attack detected before  so it is not possible to be avoided. As the President of  this country he is definitely expecting Jakarta to become the most peaceful Capital City in the World.

President Jokowi was  definitely not satisfy with the situation. He is looked likely of the idea that such kind of terrorist incident should be detected before and prevented  to do not  happen. President Jokowi likely thought the Intelligence organization and the Security Operational  Organization should have been working to evaluate the situation continuously. Apparently this Country has  various experience and credible Intelligence Organization and  Professional Security Unit especially founded to fight against the terrorist.

Though the Police is believing  this explosion was designed by the radical group  which is leaning to ISIS  but the various local observer is also of the  question  whether or not this bombing explosion is might be one of  the unexpected  affects  of the popular development  of  the technical   knowledge among various  radical and adventurer   groups in making bomb  such as the making of  the “cup-bomb” and the stupidity of among a certain young generation in responding the challenge to act as  the religious hero  to defense the religion and cheated by the terrorist Provocateur  to become the suicide bomber.

Those young religious generation in Indonesia  should know that actually it  is no need for the grow of radicalism among the religious  society in the peaceful country of Indonesia. The problem is believed because of the fact that  the Government to have no the compulsory agenda to convince those religious young generation that they are on the wrong way.  ISIS was created by a certain interest group in the Middle East was just because of  the rivalry among groups  to control  the illegal  trade of oil.

The Middle East Conflict is just because of rivalry to control the  illegal oil  trade,   it is not because of struggling to protect the holy religion at such. So it is clear the movement of the brave religious generation of South East Asia joining ISIS is definitely no use . Definitely clear the movement of the brave young generation of South East ASia to Middle East to join ISIS is just because of stupidity among those young generation  and the lack of effort of the Government to inform and to convince those  cheated young generation. It is clear the terrorist activity should not be eradicated using only Police and Military Operation but also all kinds of efforts to prevent the development of radicalism and stupidity among the society on the problem of terrorism.

The Coordinating Minister of Political, Law and Security affairs concerning the bomb Explosion in Kampung Melayu  was trying to look for the escape hole complaining the handicap in eradicating the terrorist is actually the slow process of the making Law on Terrorism in the House of Representatives because  there were too many objections raised mainly because of the afraid  of the People that  such kind of Law on Terrorism will be miss  used and manipulated  to suppress the society. There are too many complaints to  the 88 Police Detachment on Anti Terrorism who is described as  too easily  kill someone suspected as terrorist. The slow movement of the members of the House of Representatives should be clarified with the publish  of the  Academic Paper clarifying what is the reason why a new Law on Anti Terrorism should be made.

BNPT was quiet and did not make any significant comment concerning the terrorist activity that just happened in Kampung Melayu Jakarta. This considered important organization in eradicating terrorism  was only calling the people that the spreading of the picture of the so sadistic wound of the victims concerned should be stopped, because the panic, the confuse and the afraid of the society affected by the terrorist bombing is also the terrorist objective.

Perfect Defense System Against Terrorist

However Observers tend to realize the terrorism has become the actual threat of the country so a definitely perfect defense system against terrorist threat supported by powerful authority should be made to decide what is the national agenda that should be made to eradicate the terrorism. Observer believed it is apparently until now there is no clear agenda and planning what will be done by the Country to counter the terrorist threat. Observers tend to suggest the Government a number of  ideas might be useful for the Government to  decide the policy to eradicate the terrorist:

The President should likely consider the Defense System Organization Against Terrorist Threat should be re-organized. In the United States of America, since President George W Bush it was founded the new Ministry called the Ministry of Home Security. This new policy  was inspired by the terrorist attack of the twin tower buildings in NewYork on September 11, 2001.  The mission of the Ministry of Home Security  are to design and to implement the national agenda to eradicate the terrorist threat. The United States  Government is of the opinion the terrorist threat against the US to have  been  mainly targeted to Strategic Objectives in the US. The development in thje US is definitely  the important reference  to be watched.

Meanwhile it is likely to fasten the making process of Law on Terrorism  in the House of Representatives The Coordinating Ministry for Political, Law and Security Affairs should likely compose the qualified Academic Paper  which is describing the clear, pertinent, accurate and Complete considerations about the necessity to publish the firm Law on Terrorism to eradicate the terrorist threat. The academic paper is the important document supporting the Bill in making Law.  Based on this kind of academic paper it is hoped all the members of the House of Representatives concern will   easily understand all the Claus put on the Bill on the Eradication of Terrorism.

BNPT is likely  as the active group of professional TNI officers to deliberate the idea to re-organize the Country Security Organization as the perfect  defense system against terrorism.

People likely need seriously the perfect Government Command to face the terrorist threat,   comprising the description of the perfect situation, the  Agenda and the Concept of Eradication Operation and the Preventive Action against terrorist threat.

*) Political and Security Observer.